Getting Started With Wix in 2020

How to Setup A Wix Blog in 2020

Tany Blog

The word “website builder” comes first with “Wix”.
This is because it is one of the best website create tool on the market
with 125 million customers from 200 countries around the world.

wasn’t one of those customers until recently. I’m the one with the web
design. I’ve created many sites over the years, and WordPress has always
been my first choice. If you know how to use WordPress, why would you
need anything else?

Wix website created with Wix also

I heard about Wix,
but I didn’t dwell on it. I knew it was a good tool for beginners.
People who have never created a web site before can easily become a
member, choose a template, upload their own content and get started in a
short time. No technical knowledge required. This is obviously great.
But I wasn’t one of them.

When I saw the

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